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Ohio Civil War

Sandusky Area

Johnson’s Island Cemetery (Johnson’s Island Prison site)

In Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie
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   A prison for Confederate officers was established on this Lake Erie island in 1862. An estimated 10,000 men were imprisoned here during the war. Records indicate that about 300 died here from disease. The prison was the target of an elaborate escape plot in 1864 when conspirators planned to free the prisoners here and at Camp Chase, form a small army and operate in Ohio.
    For details about the plan, which never came to fruition, see the websites on Ohio Links. Only the cemetery with more than 200 graves remains from the camp. The island has become a popular residential and recreation area. Archeological digs are being conducted, unearthing remains of some of the buildings.
    Cemetery open daily. Toll for causeway leading to the island.


Camp Chase
2900 Sullivant Ave, Columbus OH 43204
937-262-2115 (Dayton National Cemetery)
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    Originally established as a training camp for Union recruits in 1861, the site became the unwelcome home of Confederate enlisted men and officers in early 1862. Conditions deteriorated when the officers were moved to Johnson’s Island and the prisoner exchange system broke down.  Overcrowded conditions, bad food, disease and poor shelter contributed to a high death rate here. By the time the prison closed in 1865, 2,229 soldiers had died in the camp. No trace remains of the Civil War buildings. The Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery holds the remains of the men who died here. Open daily 8 am–5 pm.

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