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Pennsylvania Civil War

York and Wrightsville


York County Visitor Information
     A wing of Robert E. Lee's Confederate army under Gen. Jubal Early occupied York on June 27, 1863, during the Southern invasion that would result in the Battle of Gettysburg a few days later. After exacting a ransom for the city, part of Early's force then drove east to Wrightsville hoping to secure the bridge over the Susquehanna River there. Local militia burned the bridge, however, stopping the Confederate advance. Early and his scattered troops were soon called back to Gettysburg by Lee, who was concentrating there July 1.

Historical Society Museum & Library/Archives
250 E Market St, York PA 17403
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   Fine Civil War exhibit here highlights the 1863 occupation of York and York County Civil War events in Hanover and Wrightsville. Open year-round Tuesday-Saturday 10 am–4 pm. $6 adult ticket includes admission to a half-dozen York historical attractions. Reduced admission when the other attractions are closed during the off season.

Wrightsville Civil War Diorama
124 Hellam St, Wrightsville PA 17368
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    This tiny museum located at the western b10-Aug-2016 y of the Confederate approach to the river on June 28, 1863, and the successful efforts by local militia to burn the bridge, perhaps preventing further advances by Lee's army into Pennsylvania. Open Sundays April-November 1–4 pm. $2/adult.

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