Sesquicentennial events

August 1863 & 2013

August 21, 1863 – Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence (KS)


Then: A band of Confederate guerillas led by William Quantrill killed an estimated 15–200 men and boys during a raid on Lawrence, which for nearly a decade was the anti-slavery center of Kansas and home to the notorious "Jayhawkers" who raided along the Missouri border. The raiders also burned homes and downtown businesses.

2013: Tours, talks and a concert are planned in Lawrence Aug 17-18.

Aug 25, 1863 – Issuance of Order No. 11

Then: The Union military governor of the region ordered the evacuation of all families living in four counties and parts of others in Eastern Missouri. Gen Thomas Ewing believed that the citizens of the area were supporting guerilla activity. The notorious Order No. 11 displaced families (both Union and Confederate sympathizers) and led to burning and other destruction throughout the targeted area.

2013: The order and its aftermath are commemorated in a series of events from August through October.