Sesquicentennial events

March 1863 & 2013

March 5, 1863 – Battle of Thompson's Station (TN)

Then: A Federal force, moving south from Franklin March 5, was met and decisively defeated by Confederates under Gen. Earl Van Dorn and Nathan Bedford Forrest.

2013: A day of living history, demonstrations tours and more is scheduled March 9 at Thompson's Station.

MosbyMarch 8, 1863 – Mosby Raid at Fairfax (VA)

Then: Confederate partisan John S. Mosby embarrassed Federal troops in a raid at Fairfax Court House. Mosby's men came away with dozens of prisoners, including Gen. E.H. Stoughton, who was hunting Mosby at the time. Several of the historic landmarks are still standing.

2013: Mosby's Raid is remembered March 9 at several locations in Fairfax. 703-591-0506.

March 11, 1863 – Battle of Fort Pemberton (MS)

Then: Union ground forces and ironclads attacked this hastily built Confederate fort on the Yazoo River near Greenwood, hoping to punch through to Vicksburg. The fort held and the Federals withdrew March 19.

Now: Parts of the fort are preserved in Fort Pemberton Park near Greenwood.

March 13, 1863 – Explosion at the Confederate States Laboratory, Richmond (VA)

Then: The Confederate "Laboratory" on Brown's Island in Richmond (VA) exploded, killing several workers, mostly poor women and girls. The Laboratory workers had assembled shells, cartridges, fuses and other dangerous items.

Now: Living history programs and talks on the topic are scheduled March 9 at the Tredegar Civil War Center in Richmond.

March 17, 1863 – Battle of Kelly's Ford (VA)

Then: Union cavalry crossed the Rappahannock River, challenging a similar Confederate force near Culpeper (VA). Although the Confederates eventually fought off the Federals, a rising Southern star, Maj. John Pelham, was killed in the action.

Now: A Civil War Trails sign near the Kelly's Ford crossing on the Rappahannock River near Remington (VA) describes the action.